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Damn Allergies

Posted by Gerald on May 4, 2008

I’m on day five of an allergy attack of epic proportions.  I’m told we’ve been setting pollen level records hereabouts.  This is definitely turning into one of the worst seasons I can remember out of forty-some years of this crap.

Tuesday night it just moved into my lungs and plugged them up.  I was dry coughing for the first two days.  As of Saturday the sinuses opened up and began draining down my throat.  Thanks to Mucinex D, I am doing better today, but I’m still snuffling a lot and coughing a bit and my eyes are so watery that I can’t really read or write much.

When I was diagnosed with this stuff as a kid, I was told that I could at least look forward to this easing in middle age.  Several eminent health professionals have offered me the same comfort since.

Damn liars.


One Response to “Damn Allergies”

  1. bridgett said

    What they didn’t tell you is that each year, the pollen counts would go higher and the growing seasons longer where you live, thanks to climate change. It may be that if the pollen counts of your youth still obtained, you’d feel better.

    Seriously, though, have you considered going and getting allergy shots? This is one of those quality of life tradeoffs that might be worth the money for you. Long-term use of OTC stuff reduces its effectiveness and has other deleterious health effects, none of which I’d want to see happen to you. Some insurance even covers all or part. (I should talk…I’m about as non-interventionist as you can get when it comes to my health…haven’t seen a doctor of any sort in half a dozen years, except when Kid’s pediatrican says “Anything wrong with you, Mom?” and I say “I’m still obese and I think I’ve got high BP, but other than that, just fine…” and she nods blandly and checks off the box that says that she asked.

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