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Commencement Day

Posted by Gerald on May 13, 2008

Today is commencement in my corner of academia.  I just finished running a lint roller over my robe and hood.  A colleague volunteered to iron the stuff for me (I’m afraid to take it home – I have a long-haired blonde dog and carpeting.)  In addition to robe and hood and silly hat I’ve decided to wear my honor cords from Phi Alph Theta.  Strictly this is a violation of the rules, but I never got to wear them during my actual commencement (long story) and my colleague is wearing hers, so I’m going for it.

Unlike usual, I’m not just going to be sitting with my colleagues at this one.  Since I’m Senate president this year, I’ve got to lead the faculty in then go up on the podium.  I’m going to call the proceedings to order, recognize our faculty and staff excellence award winners, present the candidates for graduation (for each degree or certificate I wait until all their names are called and then get up and “present” them to the college president who then confers the degree), and then I lead the faculty out.

While I’m happy for our graduates, I am not looking forward to taking part in the ceremony.  I can’t wait until this is over.

Meanwhile, we are (mostly) all here at work but since grades are already in nobody is really doing much except visiting.  I generally like this day.  Everything is relaxed and most everyone is in a good mood.  We have to start gearing up for summer soon, but today is not that day.


2 Responses to “Commencement Day”

  1. bridgett said

    I’m already two days into our marathon-length Summer Intensive session. Three weeks, all the info you can cram into them.

    I won’t tell about the cords. I’ve never figured out what to do with mine, as they won’t lay flat over the hood (and how much neckgear do I need anyhow). I’ve thought about doing a Wonder Woman-esque lasso, but my college president likes both pomp and circumstance, so that would probably drain the dignity out of the occasion from his point of view.

  2. Gerald said

    I wore the cords under the hood – it just seemed natural.

    I noticed that many of my colleagues were also wearing cords or stoles of some variety.

    I forget – does Iowa do the beret (or whatever its called) with its doctoral robes? or just the cap-and-mortarboard?

    We have moved to an eight-week summer session, but that won’t start until June 2. I’ll need to enjoy the break. I’m only teaching one on-line course this summer, but for some reason my new history colleague is teaching one on-line and two traditional (we volunteer for these and get paid adjunct wages for the courses – NC community colleges don’t get any state funding for summer classes because the state universities are afraid we’ll draw away students and money).

    The reason that her teaching load this summer is significant for me is that the college is sending her to Turkey for two weeks and I’m covering her classes (the first two weeks of the summer term.) I think I’m doing this for free, because the college wouldn’t pay for it, and because I’m a sap.

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