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Battlestar Galactica mid-season finale

Posted by Gerald on June 13, 2008

Like with the Sopranos finale, I find myself forced to write an immediate reaction.

My first reactions are:

Again, it is proven there is no such thing as a good day aboard the Galactica.  This is the most depressing thing I’ve seen on TV since “The Day After.”


It was perfect.

After the “Adama and Roslyn realize their love” and the “this is what makes us worth saving” stuff last week and then the great rapprochement this week we were all set up for the happy day.  They make the realization, the make the jump, they find the planet, they kiss and hug and cry…

…and then they go down to the planet.

…and we all get punched in the gut.

It was perfect… and sooo dark.



4 Responses to “Battlestar Galactica mid-season finale”

  1. Steve said

    We just watched it. And, uh, yeah.

  2. Steve said

    Oh. And yeah, seven months until we get the rest of the season? What’s that about?

  3. bridgett said

    So, did you expect to have Charlton Heston goddamning us to hell or was it just me?

    (Although a friend who is much more into it than I am suggests that the BSG people are our ancestors, not our descendants…)

  4. Gerald said

    It wasn’t just you. Given the producers habit of burying references to TV shows or movies into the show, I was half-expecting to see a melted Statue of Liberty.

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