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Good things this week

Posted by Gerald on June 27, 2008

I drank a cold glass of home-brewed beer with a good friend.

I wrote my new rubric for grading essays and used it to get my student’s assignments back in a timely manner.

I didn’t go into the office before noon even once (I am NOT a morning person).

I turned off the tube when there wasn’t anything on I really wanted to see and read and listened to music (I was raised with a constant TV presence and have been battling that addiction ever since).

I had a dinner with good friends then went to see a surprisingly entertaining movie.

When one of those friends got into what I felt was an unnecessary confrontation over disruptive behavior in the theater, I didn’t have to get into a fight to back him up even though I had decided to do so.

I went to a fun lunch with the members of my department to celebrate some one’s birthday (we haven’t all gotten together in awhile).

Not bad.


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