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Posted by Gerald on July 2, 2008

I had to go in to the office for two meetings yesterday and the first was at 8 am.  Those amongst my readers who have experienced being around me in the morning will probably agree that it isn’t my best time.  In any case, I was asked to serve on a search committee for a new admin post at the college, someone who will coordinate the various teacher education things we do (Early Child care, lateral entry, accreditation, etc…).  I also went to a meeting of a committee examining our attendance policy and related issues.  Both were productive.  Both also featured our newly hired VP, who I am very favorably impressed with so far.

In any case, having had a busy day of unpaid service to the college (I’m on a nine-month contract and I’m paid like an adjunct for my summer courses), I decided to take today off.  Also, I’m in the midst of one of my perennial summer bouts of insomnia and so I didn’t get to sleep until almost 3 am.

Various thoughts:

I’ve always respected John McCain, but this manufactured offense concerning Clark’s comments is reprehensible.  Besides, I’m sorry, but the fact he was a POW does not make him any more of a foreign policy expert than anyone else.

My good friend Steve over at Semeiotikos wrote a personal eulogy for George Carlin.  I’ve been thinking about Carlin too.  On Saturday, HBO showed Carlin’s 1977 concert special – which I remember watching back when HBO was new.  I hadn’t realized until watching that how Carlin’s humor fit into my own developing interest in language and rhetoric.  In recent years I’ve looked back to realize that my interest in rhetoric didn’t begin in Iowa, but crystallized there.  It’s root go all the way back to my childhood and my father’s love of wordplay.  Carlin’s humor – so linguistic in its themes – was another step on the road.  Later that night I saw some stand-ups on Comedy Central doing shock humor (“tee hee, he said “cum””).  The contrast with Carlin was strong.  He used those “seven words” to discuss American morality and hypocrisy.  These later folks are frequently foul-mouthed just for its own sake – and that is the very definition of “vulgar”.

Don Davis died.  If you ever watched science fiction on TV, you’ve probably seen Davis.  He was a regular for most of the run of Stargate SG-1, he played a supporting character on Twin Peaks, he played Agent Scully’s father in the X-Files episode “Beyond the Sea” (one of the best ever), and a lot more.  Frankly, if it was shot in Vancouver in the last 20 or so years, he was probably on it.  I thought he was one of those actors like Gene Hackman.  Not everything he was in was good, but he was always good in everything I saw him do.  I don’t care for the whole celebrity thing.  I have no personal connection to this man or knowledge of him as a human being.  I wouldn’t presume to mourn him, but I will miss his work.

My department chair is supposed to have her baby tomorrow.  She and her husband are in my thoughts a bit.  Everything has gone fine and should tomorrow.  I suggested waiting for Friday.  My thought was that it can’t do a kid’s self-esteem any damage to have parades and fireworks on their birthday.  You don’t have to tell them it isn’t all for them.

If I don’t post before then, let me wish you all an enjoyable Change-of-Ruling-Elites Day!


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