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Posted by Gerald on July 27, 2008

The summer session grading is now officially done.  I need to go in to the office tomorrow to fill out the grade sheets.  I had a couple of students who tried to test me on the “a deadline is a deadline” rule.  I only had one really egregious example of plagiarism in the last papers.  Two people turned in review essays on topics they hadn’t cleared with me and which were inappropriate for the course.  Overall, not bad by comparison with many other semesters.

Now for the next two weeks I need to crack down on getting my courses ready for fall.


2 Responses to “Finished”

  1. bridgett said

    Ah yes….the “I already did one paper in college and so I’m going to simply keep turning it in at every opportunity, whether the occasion calls for a lit review on Belgian folk singing or not” people. I get those too. Do yours get really torqued when they flunk on a paper that they insist received an A from another professor? (When I ask who the professor was, I always get evasive answers reminiscent of the “sure, I had a girlfriend…it was in summer camp…in Canada…you wouldn’t know her…” response.)

    Why don’t you take a little break and go have some fun for a day or two? I know that the big vacation didn’t happen, but is there a good reason (other than avoiding your life in favor of work work work) that you can’t go bum around somewhere semi-local, enjoy a cup of tea at a nicely air conditioned coffee shop, hit a new used bookstore, do something a little different?

  2. Gerald said

    Yeah, they do. The thing here is that given the small size of the faculty and the limited number of courses they might have taken you can usually track down the person who they originally submitted the paper to. So when I had someone turn in a paper on “Raiders of the Lost Ark” for Western Civ II last year I went straight to the film instructor, and found the guy didn’t even get an “A” for the paper in that class. He got a zero in mine.

    Then there was the person who turned in a review essay for Western Civ II they had already turned in to me for Western Civ I. I’m not sure if they think I’m that stupid or if they are.

    I’ve been considering something like what you suggested. I might see about getting a hotel room in Greensboro and just spending a weekend walking around downtown. I’ve got friends who live close to there who would put me up, but they also have cats and I enjoy breathing. Still, this would allow me to hang out with them and hit some of the pubs downtown – music and good beer. I’m not sure if it will happen between now and the semester or not due to dog care issues. Interestingly today a friend suggested doing a weekend camping trip come cooler weather. Nothing too big, just a tent, some beer, and grilled food.

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