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Posted by Gerald on July 30, 2008

This was one of those days when I had real doubts about the reported high and heat index.  It was supposedly only 87 with a heat index of 90, but it felt worse.  The air was dead.  My grass was cut at about 11:00 am and when I got back from the office at nearly 6 pm the smell of gas fumes was still thick enough to choke on.  It was a day when it felt like my skin was burning each time I went out and the normally frosty AC in my car couldn’t keep pace.  In other words, it was icky.

I’ve been re-experiencing some old favorites even though I don’t have enough time to read all of the new books I have.  I’m not sure if that is just my version of American consumerism or if there is some profound insight about the human condition there.

I’ve gone from an almost instinctive rejection of the movie “Fight Club” when it first came out to thinking it is one of the best movies I’ve ever seen.  Again, here I am finding insight into the human condition.  Or not.

I saw “The Dark Knight” this weekend.  I was again impressed by Nolan’s take on this “franchise”.  He isn’t afraid to leave behind the standard palette of the superhero film.  Ledger’s Joker is more outrageous than Nicholson’s without being anywhere near as self-indulgent or immature.  He is a trickster.  He is Iago.  A friend who was with me felt the film was too long, and I’m struggling with that.  I felt like I’d seen two very good movies with the same basic themes – transformation and moral ambiguity.  The success of this movie gives me some hope that audiences might be ready for a faithful adaptation of “Watchmen.”

My friend Steve at “Semeotikos” has started a multi-part blog post on a mutual obsession of ours – “Buffy the Vampire Slayer.  No, this isn’t about my being pervy or nerdy – not that I’m not both at times.  Check it out here.


One Response to “Random Stuff”

  1. bridgett said

    I like the idea of “Fight Club” and even my memory of certain scenes of “Fight Club” better than I liked watching “Fight Club.” I made it through it once and it was very memorable and sometimes I find myself thinking about this or that scene like a koan, but I don’t need to see it again.

    You might want to check out Rob Loftis’s blog ( — he’s a philosophy prof at Lorain County Community College (about five miles from where I grew up) and he blogs about (and publishes) on Buffy, other Whedon projects, the Watchmen…

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