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First Day of 2008-9

Posted by Gerald on August 18, 2008

Classes started today at the college, and mine seemed to go fine.  I’m teaching my usual six classes, two are traditional (both sections of World Civs I), two are on-line (one a section of World Civs I and the other a section of Western Civ II), and two are hybrids – combines both face-to-face and online – (an eight week section of Western Civ I followed by an eight-week section of Western Civ II).

The eight-week hybrid Western Civ courses are “Huskins” courses for high-school students.  I’ve been teaching these since moving to NC, but this time I’m teaching on our satellite campus about thirty miles from the main campus.  The result is that I have to drive half an hour (on a two-lane divided “highway”) each way twice-a-day, four days a week.  The other half of the “history department” did this last fall, so it is my turn.

The killer is that I have a class at 9:30 every day on the main campus.  That finishes at about 10:45.  I need to leave for the satellite campus no later than 11:45, so there isn’t a lot of time to get anything serious accomplished during that period.  Also, I’m usually not ready for lunch before noon earliest.  Then I’m on the road, in class for fifty-five minutes (hence the hybrid status, since it isn’t the usual hour and fifteen minutes we do otherwise) back on the road and, if I’m lucky, I’m back on campus at 2 pm.  After that stretch of drive-teach-drive, I’m really tired but this is also the only time I can do much grading, etc…  I’m just saying it is a huge hole in the day.

On an unrelated note:  I like watching athletic women in bikinis as much as the next heterosexual male and I get the same sense of nationalistic pride as anyone else when the US wins medals at the Olympics.  Still, does it seem to anyone else that they have spend more time showing beach volleyball than any other sport so far?  I’m getting roundly sick of Walsh and May-Trainor just due to over-exposure.  I swear I’ve seen more of them (in every sense of the word – the BRAZILIANS seem to have slightly more modest suits; and I can’t help but notice that the men seem able to play this sport in loose t-shirts and shorts) than anyone – even Phelps.


One Response to “First Day of 2008-9”

  1. raspberryaunt said

    yes, the surfeit of beach volleyball coverage and the clothing discrepancies have come in for a lot of comment in my (mostly female) office. As has the fact that said uniforms always seem to remain perfectly in place with no shift or drift no matter how much the athletes move, jump, or contort. Even our former collegiate (standard) volleyball player was puzzled enough to look into it and report back the answer she found: body adhesives. There’s something wrong with that picture.

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