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Posted by Gerald on October 13, 2008

I’ve been silent recently for several reasons, some better than others.

Teaching the World Civilizations course has been much more consuming of both time and mental space than I had anticipated.  This is a good thing in that I am not just presenting different material but am changing my entire teaching philosophy.  My western civ and American survey courses never have inspired me the way this course has.  I can’t just fall back on telling stories.  In a way that I’ve never experienced before the education in theory and all the study of rhetoric I engaged in back in Iowa have started to infuse my classroom teaching.  Still, all of this means I am tired of thinking by the time I get home of an evening, so I don’t feel like writing as much.  I think this is temporary.

I am becoming way too emotionally invested in the outcome of this election to talk about it.  It isn’t that I think Obama will save the world – I’ve written earlier about my problems with that.  However since the nomination of Sarah Palin I’ve become convinced that the election of McCain is potentially disastrous.

Frankly, I also started feeling quite some time back that I wasn’t really adding anything with my political or news postings.  I may have insights about movies, I do have insights about myself, but I’m not sure I have anything interesting to say about the political scene or the state of the world.

About a month ago I did something that might be a terrible mistake, but I’m enjoying it so far.  After years of resistance, I succumbed to the lure of the MMORPG.  I’ve made friends there and am having fun.  I’m considering starting a new blog about that experience since I doubt any of my few regular readers have any interest in this side of my geeky life.  It also has been a place where I can turn my brain off from work, and that has been a very good thing.

Well, there it is.


5 Responses to “Silence”

  1. bridgett said

    Your standards about political commentary are higher than mine. It’s my blog, so I get up on my box and bray away…if people don’t like it, they can move along to another part of that great Bughouse Square we call the internet. I am positive that I will have a big case of the “oh shit, now what?”s should Obama be elected. Governance in the next four years is going to be a huge challenge and I’m not sure that anyone, even a guy who is a real smart guy, is up to it. Buckle up.

    Now that I’ve looked up what a mmorpg is…the acronym sounded like a kind of hand grenade or something, but with a bit of clarification, I can see why you’d be interested. Just don’t forget that there are real people in real places who can be quite the adventure as well as digital friends in imaginary worlds.

  2. Gerald said

    It isn’t about my standards so much as it is about my motivation. I just don’t feel that my opinions at the moment are worth the time to express.

    No worries – I spent Saturday at an early Halloween cookout with friends from work and I;m on my way to spend next Sunday brewing beer with Steve. I want to add this as a hobby, not use it to replace any of the rest of my life (except maybe some hours of watching TV for no other reason than to watch TV).

  3. imfunny2 said

    I’m election obsessed also, and I make posts as I see fit, but there’s alot I’m not saying…

    I have less to say also because, well, writing is hard, and I’m wiped out after eight hours of plucky earnest, cheerfulness in the face of even the most um, calling-me-for-a-fight-instead-of-a-solution customer…

  4. bridgett said

    Griots for Obama — seems like there’s a boom in Obama praise songs recently.

    Some can…and some cannot…

  5. Gerald said

    Just this morning I was subjected to a few bars of that godawful Hank Williams Jr pro-McCain drivel. This was a great antidote.

    Our visiting scholar from China is absolutely at a loss to understand why there is any support for McCain at all. It seems like everybody else in the whole freaking world can see this except for about half of the people here…

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