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A Break in the Silence

Posted by Gerald on October 29, 2008

Another long silence.

The reasons have been pretty much the same except that added to them has been our period of “advisement” at work.  Since my esteemed institution is still incapable of reaching into the 1980s and allowing students to sign up for classes on their own, we faculty are still registering.  This is misleadingly referred to as “advisement”.

I do sometimes actually advise students.  For example, this week I advised a student who had wanted to join our college’s Basic Law Enforcement program – which is not a program intended for transfer to a four year college – that he should go back to the people in admissions who put him in the Associate of Arts college-transfer program (and thus made me his advisor) and tell them he was in the wrong place.  I signed a piece of paper to that effect to carry with him.  This was the third new advisee of mine this semester who had no interest in getting a transfer degree.

Most of the time, however, I am spending the time I have with these students just picking courses.  The best of them come knowing exactly what they need and want.  The majority expect me to tell them what courses to take and when they are offered and to fix things to fit their schedules.  They do not take the time to find out what courses they need or to look at the website to see when courses are offered.  They expect me to remember their academic record better than they do and to produce a schedule for them.

“I don’t like morning classes… I need to be home by 2 pm… oh, I just want to be done by then… no, I don’t want to take online classes… no I can’t come back here in the evening… no I don’t know what I need to take this semester…  I can’t remember what I’ve already taken… yes, I have to go full time.”

Then I am confronted by the fact that – for some reason – several of our inestimable department chairs have scheduled almost all of their sections on Mondays and Wednesdays.  That, like every semester, we are offering only three sections of Public Speaking – a course that EVERY college transfer student is required to take.

This is why I am currently enjoying an evening cup of coffee liberally flavored with Bailey’s Irish Cream.

That and the three students who stood up and walked out of my lecture because I ran past the dismissal time – by less than sixty seconds…


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