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One More Day

Posted by Gerald on November 3, 2008

If you are into Broadway musicals and Barack Obama, check this out:

I actually had tears in my eyes at the end of this video.  I’m so afraid to hope.  Not just that he’ll win, but that his victory might signal the beginning of a change for something better in my country.

I voted on Friday.  There was a site at the college for early voting (it isn’t a regular polling site).  The last time I voted there (in 2000 – I voted on election day in 2004) I just walked into an almost empty room to cast my ballot.  This time I waited in line for almost an hour and a half.  To put that in some context I live in a rural county and the college is halfway between the two largest towns (and hence equally inconvenient for both).  Many of the people I was in line with had come there to avoid even longer lines at the larger polling places.  Everyone was pretty cheerful and at pains not to actually discuss who they were voting for.  If I went by purely surface impressions I’d assume that the heavy early turn-out for Obama had inspired a growing early turn-out for McCain by that afternoon, but I can’t be sure about that.

The cover for this week’s edition of “The Economist” summed up my hopes.  It shows a picture of Obama striding purposefully toward the camera under the words “It’s Time”

It is indeed.


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