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It Happened

Posted by Gerald on November 5, 2008

I’m still coming to terms with the reality – and will be for some time.

One thing is clear – the real work is just beginning.  There is so much to do and such odds against it.  Still there is such an air of hope and joy with these results.  The attitude coming through the coverage is so different from anything I’ve seen in any Presidential race I’ve been alive to witness. 

McCain’s speech was everything a concession speech should be.  He showed himself as the class act he has been.  Where was that guy for the last few months?

The boos during that speech show the ugliness that has been such a part of conservative politics for so long.  My greatest hope is that we could see the end of the centrality that sort of mean-spiritedness and hatred has enjoyed in our national life.

I am just blown away by the way the results of this election are infecting the news people – even on Fox.  As I flipped through channels the only people who were striking notes of gloom and fear were those fine represntative of Christianity over at CBN.

I hear people are celebrating in Greensboro.  I’m relatively sure they are mourning around here.  This NC county went Republican and there was never any real doubt it would.

Obama’s speech is about to start.

I can’t believe this is happening.


One Response to “It Happened”

  1. Leslie said

    I agree about McCain’s speech. If — as I’m hearing from the commentators tonight — one of the interesting things about this election was that both candidates had above 50% favorable ratings at the end, then I can only say they should both only go up based on those speeches. I thought they both did the country proud.
    And I’m bleary-eyed and dreading the morning, but glad to be awake to see history.

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