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“Fire bad. Tree Pretty.”

Posted by Gerald on December 19, 2008

Semester done.

I’m sitting in my office waiting for my friend Steve to get out of a meeting so we can go send off the past semester with some, possibly many, beers.  Down the hall one of our instrructors who has just retired after 28 years here is finishing packing up her office.  Except for our admin support person – the lowest paid person on the hall and the person who is here more than any of us faculty types – we are all that is left.

I feel drained, but good.  My holiday plans include dinner on Christmas Day with friends and a New Year’s Day movie party.  Continuing the movie theme I am also joining my friends Steve and Dana for a day long movie marathon sometime between Christmas and New Year’s – in theaters, not a dvd one.  We plan to see an early show of something, eat lunch, see two more movies, and then go to dinner.  I haven’t done anything like this since college and it sounds like fun.

I’m too wiped to write anything else now.


2 Responses to ““Fire bad. Tree Pretty.””

  1. Heidi said

    So… where’s the fire?

    • Gerald said

      Sorry – that was a “Buffy” reference to a line about being so tired the brain can’t process anything past “fire bad, tree pretty.” She said it while gazing at the blazing remains of Sunnydale High in the aftermath of the graduation episode so I felt it captured my mood on Friday.

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