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Valerie Plame

Posted by Gerald on December 21, 2008

The break is finally here.

It is finally sunny today and I feel like I can just stop and breathe for the first time in weeks.  After two weeks of almost non-stop computer work, today I’m planning on reading, listening to music, and drinking coffee.  I’ve got two biographies I’m planning on reading during the break – Adrian Goldworthy’s “Caesar” and David McColloughs “John Adams.”  I’ve been intending to read both for quite awhile and I’m determined to at least get them started over the break.  I read non-fiction pretty slowly compared to some, so I may not finish them before the semester starts, but I’m hoping to.  I’m also listening to the recent EPs from The Decemberists (I downloaded them this week), which include a love song to Valerie Plame.  I love it already.

Live note – I’m just hearing the song “I’m Sticking With You” that was featured in “Juno”.  I had no idea that was The Decemberists.  The portions played in the movie don’t feature the usual lead singer, Colin Melloy, so it didn’t sound like most of their other songs.  Huh.

Cool thing I learned this week – In the 1880s a small group of Hawaiians who had converted to Mormonism settled in a small town in Utah carrying their language and many of their traditions with them.  Due to the usual American factors of greed and racism, along with the internal politics of the LDS, the community died out within about thirty years.  Most of the people seem to have gone back to Hawaii, but some remained in Utah.  One man evidently stayed alone in the town until his death in the 1960s.  There is an article about this in Archaeology

Another live note – another song from “Juno” called “Sunshine” is also a Decemberist song.  Shows what I get for not sticking around to read the credits.


One Response to “Valerie Plame”

  1. radioscriptorium said

    Atleast if The Decemberists are going to be played in a movie, it’s a good one like Juno.

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