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Posted by Gerald on February 18, 2009

It seems like everybody is on Facebook except me.  I never get invited to the cool kids’ parties.  I’d join now, but that would seem pathetic and trendy.

Oh, well…


6 Responses to “Again”

  1. Rebecca said

    I am going to invite you onto Facebook RIGHT NOW, because I’ve been wanting you to be on there. I thought you just didn’t want to. I’d have more fun on there if you were too, VB.

  2. bridgett said

    Yep, I’m on Facebook. Friend me. I also had a dream about you last night. You are a better tap danceer
    than I suspected.

  3. Gerald said

    Due to the comments here and a rather flattering amount of freind requests that appeared on my work e-mail today I’ve taken the plunge.

  4. bridgett said

    Do you know how many South African guys named Gerald Bosch there are? I don’t want to friend just any weirdo. I want to friend
    one particular weirdo. Do you use your middle initial?

    I’m the one with my baby pic from Albany.

    • Gerald said

      Evidently there is some South African soccer or rugby player with whom I share a name.

      I’m facing the same problem. Every time I search your married hyphenate name I get nothing and under your pre-married name I get several – but none with a baby picture or any hint which one is you.

      I have posted a recent picture which should still be relatively recognizeable.

      I’m having the same problem with another friend who I know is on Facebook, but searching says nobody of that name has an account. Social networking indeed!

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