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Posted by Gerald on February 18, 2009

Our visiting scholar has returned to Beijing.  He had to cut his year short due to developments at his home university.  I had occasion to drive him to many events and we spent a lot of time talking.  I began to see China from a completely new place and I had the experience of trying to help him understand everything from western ideas of the soul to American politics.  As an anthropologist he showed a desire to dive into every experience he could and talking to him about them showed me my home in a new light.  I miss him, but it is cool to know that I’ve got a place to stay in Beijing should I ever be able to go there.

The week before Valentine’s saw the anniversary of my mother’s death.  I finally packed up her clothes and donated them to a clothing drive for a local drug rehabilitation program.  The process was harder than I imagined, but not overly so.  Still, it made for an unsettling week.  I finished it off by going out for beer and pizza with my good friend Steve.  Much venting ensued…

Saturday I attended an anti-Valentine’s party (no one with a Valentine could attend – except our hostess whose husband is in the early stages of his second deployment to Iraq.)  We ate pizza and boneless hot wings then watched two movies of my choice: The War of the Roses and Heathers.  I felt both forwarded the evening’s theme – better to be alone than with the wrong person.

Battlestar Galactica is the best damn piece of tv drama I’ve seen in a long time – maybe ever.

I’m not too sure about Dollhouse yet.

I may be setting myself up for disappointment, but I’m really getting charged about the Watchmen movie.  If plans hold I might go with a group to see it at the Imax theater in Charlotte or Raleigh.

Ever since Monday’s episode of Chuck I’ve had “Once in a Lifetime” by the Talking Heads playing in my brain.

I’m hoping to get to see the Decemberists on their upcoming tour.

A student told me today that my advice to read the textbook both before and after class was really helping her put the pieces together.

You’ve got to be happy with the little victories.


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