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Posted by Gerald on February 24, 2009

I just found out my maternal grandfather has died.

We weren’t particularly close.  I grew up far away from my extended family.  He and my father had some issues between them that were never really resolved.  We lived very different lives.  Still, he was my grandfather.  He was never as openly affectionate as my paternal grandfather was, but still showed me affection in his way.  I saw more of that when I occasionally encountered him as an adult. 

I haven’t seen him in many years.  Since that last meeting he developed Alzheimer’s.  He finally succumbed to pneumonia after a bout of flu last week.  He was 86.


3 Responses to “Processing”

  1. bridgett said

    I’m sorry to hear of your loss. I think it’s hard in a different way when we have to mourn what could have been as well as what actually was.

  2. Rebecca said

    I’m sorry, Gerald. My condolences.

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