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A Long Time Gone

Posted by Gerald on May 22, 2009

I’m back.

Well, I never really went away.  In essence – due to the adoption of new texts and the move to World Civ – my five courses this semester (my two eight week World Civ courses had over 50 students so they counted that as three toward my usual load of six a semester) included three preps.  This was very tiring.

I also found myself with some other tasks.

The other adviser for Phi Theta Kappa decided to not do that anymore, so I had to deal with getting lists, sending letters, and dealing with inductions myself (with the assistance of our School’s admin support person, may she be blessed).

Then came the big one.  Our college has gone through some major reorganization this year.  Part of this was that a whole bunch of department heads (who were both administration and faculty) are being replaced by three assistant deans and three associate deans spread across three new “Schools”.  I was asked by the Dean of my School to serve as the chair for the selection committee for the assistant and associate deans for our area.  This was an internal search and as a result I knew everyone who was applying.  I consider three of them friends.  This was a difficult and very emotionally stressful process.  That it was going on near the end of the semester didn’t make it easier.  We picked good candidates and all went well.  Still, I’m glad to see the end of that and of this semester.

I’ve enjoyed a nice week off since our commencement ceremony last Friday.  I’m looking forward to a weekend of doing little but watching the Memorial Day movies on TCM.

More as the spirit moves me…


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