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Summer Session

Posted by Gerald on June 1, 2009

Our summer session began today.  Even though I’m teaching only one online class I came in to the office to deal with the first day crises and panic attacks – of which there have been few I’m happy to say.

As I was writing this, one of my colleagues came into my office and presented me with a Burger King prize – a plastic Mr. Spock figure (older Leonard Nimoy, not younger Zachary Quinto) with an oversized head and a button on the back which causes him to say “Live long and prosper.”

I think I’ll just leave things at that.


2 Responses to “Summer Session”

  1. bridgett said

    We got Chloe a set of the Star Trek glasses, for she is an adorable little nerd-girl. You can put your figurine on the
    Christmas tree along with your Bird of Prey ornament.

  2. Rebecca said

    I’d say that the Spock figurine is a thing of beauty. I’ve been thinking about going to BK to get a collection of the glasses before they run out.

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