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My Life in Summer

Posted by Gerald on June 12, 2009

I rolled out of bed at about 11 this morning.  Not surprising given that I was up until 3 am.  Before even eating breakfast I logged on to my course and graded the assignments that came in during the preceding 24 hours or so and then answered all my e-mail.  Now, for the rest of the day, I will  probably read and listen to music, probably watch a dvd at some point, and putter around the house.

This seems to be the pattern this summer.  Since I’m on a nine-month contract I am basically an adjunct teaching one online course until August.  In the last couple of years I felt motivated to go in to the office more regularly that I have so far this summer.  I’m not sure if the difference is how burnt out I felt by the end of the spring semester (which is quite possible); or if it is my nagging minor but ongoing irritation at the state having just taken money back from me (and every other state employee) for work I had already done (also possible); or if I’m just lazy (very possible).

As to the “late to bed and late to rise” – well that is just me and I think it might be genetic.  If I am just left to go to sleep when my body says sleep and wake up when my body says wake up I hit this schedule – asleep at about 2 or 3 am and awake at 10 or 11.  I’m not out hitting the bars – last night I was reading a novel called “The Steel Tide” about the D-Day invasion.  I’ve always been like this.  My Dad was a morning person and constantly busted my chops about being so draggy at oh-dark-thirty when he would force me to get up.  My Mom, however, was more like me.  I’ve had people tell me how they just can’t sleep in the morning after the sun is up.  I’ve discovered that I actually get my best and deepest sleep between about 4 am and about 9 am.  I sometimes resent having to fashion my whole life to fit other people’s circadian rythms.

I’m not going anywhere.  First, I like being home.  I’m not someone who is too susceptible to cabin fever.  It would be worse if I never was gewtting out, but I went to the office on Monday and went out for pizza and a movie with some friends on Tuesday.  I have no desire to be “out enjoying the day.”  First – I have hay fever and will for a few more weeks.  Second I am large and hate temperatures beyond about 80.  I also hate humidity.  I live in North frickin Carolina.  Man I miss the summers in Iowa! (and yes, I would gladly take those winters if I could have those summers)  Now, it could be worse – I could live in Louisiana or something, but this is bad enough.  I like my air conditioning and my favorite things to do involve books, movies, or listening to music. 

Seriously, though, the spring months were so stressful and hectic this year that it has felt great to just stop and let the tensions drain away.  I am actually enjoying the lazy days of this summer.


One Response to “My Life in Summer”

  1. bridgett said

    I know your birthday isn’t for another six weeks or so, but I thought you’d enjoy this right now while you have some time. I’m having a hard time believing that Yale would let this go for free, but whee!

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